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Kathryn Louise

"The Blue Hair Medium"


Private reading Sessions:

  • 45 minutes - $140
  • 60 minutes - $180
  • 90 minutes - $240
  • 120 minutes - $320

Private Parties - (Individual private sessions)

Over 10 people – 30 minute sessions only ~ $100
(conditions apply)

Email or in person numerology readings:


  • Birthdate
  • Personal Name
  • Business Name
  • Wedding Date

Are you curious as to what your birthdate looks like in colour? What is your Soul Path number and how does it affect your life?

Are you thinking of changing your name but not sure if it “fits” you? See it in colour and feel how is resonates!

Having a difficult time deciding on a name for your business? Let’s do the numerology on the choices and see which one flows and makes your business pop!

Not sure what day to be wed? Give the dates and see how they “feel” in colour. Will it be drab or POW…..that’s the date??

Contact me to find out more

Courses & Workshops (more to follow)

  • How Your Chakras Affect Your Wellbeing – 9 weeks (2.5 hrs one night per week)
  • Expansion Through Colour
  • Certified Practitioners Course – 9 days conducted over 4 weekends

Contact me for further information regarding the above courses & workshops.