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Kathryn Louise

"The Blue Hair Medium"


If you have a kind comment about your experience with Kathryn and would like others to know, please send an email to thebluehairmentor@ gmail.com to submit your testimonial.
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You are a very caring and gifted lady. Thanks for helping me open up to share...I do trust your guidance.  Usually, I just let everyone else share and melt back into the wall.  I see you watched for that...lol.  This is one of the first group activities I have done that I have not felt condemned or an outcast...so thank you.  It truly was a wonderful group.  The experience I had with the whale where I couldn't look it in the eye...was due to the overwhelming feeling of shame.  Shame for being me.  Shame for just being.  The whale made me look it in the eye and when I did...I felt an unconditional love.  When you brought in the child...I realized that child never felt self love.  The moment was surreal when I was able to hold her and tell her she was loved for the first time.  So again...Thank you.

You are an amazing lady.  I am hoping after your summer, I could schedule some sessions to balance my chakras and to have more sessions using the healing frequencies of the Colour Mirror system? " 

N. Mc. Ontario

"I want to thank you for a wonderful evening.  I was nervous about attending and am very thankful I did.  You hosted a gentle but powerful meditation which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I realize that my thoughts are still not of the norm and probably will never be.

I got to know this wonderful lady about a year ago and since then I am so impressed with her that I see her every 3 months or so. There is a lot going on in my life at this point from having a major accident and destroying a 1/4 million dollar boat to moving my business all the way across the country to the pacific ocean. Then running a real estate business and 100 other things. Kathryn has the ability to see through the BS in front of me and have me concentrate on things I can change and improve, also she is unbelievably resolved for me to be as positive as possible. The attitude we as people project is exactly what we bring to our selves. I am a firm believer that we are a spiritual beings living in a physical body, so we have to be as pure in thoughts as possible but at the same time make the physical effort accomplish the goals we set for our selves. to date with Kathryn's guidance I have managed to do most of on my goals on my plate and the few that are way out there she recommends to ask my guides directly as to what they think. I can honestly say there has not been a time that she told me something just for the sake of saying something nice or not nice just ti fill the air.It does not matter if I am hiring, firing or making a major purchase I always consult Kathryn, at times she says yes do it, other time points me in the right direction for me and that extra research gets me to where I need to be even though sometimes its not where I want to be, we all want good things without a lesson and life is all about a lesson. we are here to learn." ~ L.B. - Barrie, ON

Long ago I questioned the organized religion in which I was born and raised. Only in the past few years have I been seeking spiritual guidance. Seeking an inner peace and a relationship with God. In trying to validate my self worth and trying to connect with my own spiritual guides/angels I have met and connected with many mediums and messengers since then and some have told me similar things about my spirit and many didn’t tell me much.

I met Kathryn at a Holistic Fair (Nova Scotia) and as soon as I sat down she knew “me”, not the me I convey to the world. She spoke to me as if she had been a dear friend for many years. Hearing the messages she was passing along about myself that I work hard to hide daily; she stripped away the façade AND told me I was amazing even though she saw “me” and I was left with the realization in hiding parts of me I didn’t really know who I was and I couldn’t begin to love myself without knowing and accepting who I am. Thank you Kathryn for helping me begin my journey." ~ Lynn, Lantz Nova Scotia

Myself and other family members met Kathryn in Halifax at a spiritual fair recently. We were individually and collectively amazed by her skills and the compassion she offered with each reading. Kathryn offered powerful readings to each of us and we can't wait until she returns. We hope to be first in line. You won't be disappointed, I promise. ~ Laurie E. - Nova Scotia